NorthMetric & Printmart Partner: Will Deliver Integrated Marketing Services to Some of the Largest Brands In India

2020 marked a new beginning for both Printmart and NorthMetric as the two companies entered into a strategic alliance.

Printmart has been serving some of the largest brands in India across industries – from hospitality to real estate to media and many more. Printmart has around 1500 clients that they’ve been serving for the past decade, and these include some of the biggest Indian brands such as Fortis, Vedanta, Aditya Birla Group, LIC, SBI Life and Big Basket. As businesses become increasingly reliant on digital, the timing couldn’t be better for Printmart to expand its portfolio and deliver greater value to its clients through digital marketing, technology and analytics.

NorthMetric is a digital marketing and strategy consulting company based in Noida, and has primarily served clients across North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. Now as the company looks to expand its footprint in India, its alliance with Printmart offers a promising opportunity to expand rapidly in the domestic market.

Ashwin Rai, Founder of NorthMetric said:

Printmart has accomplished a lot in its 12 years in the business. They’ve added some of the most prestigious logos to their portfolio under Mukul’s leadership. Partnering with Printmart not only offers NorthMetric an opportunity to now work with some of these large brands across new streams of digital services, it also brings the vision and leadership of Mukul who built this business from the ground up.

Mukul Singh, who founded Printmart in 2008 and has since scaled it to INR 15 crore with just a small 10 person team said:

I am very excited about our partnership with NorthMetric. Under Ashwin’s leadership, the NorthMetric team brings tremendous value to this venture with their expertise in marketing and strategy. Ashwin’s vision to scale the company over the next 5 years with new and emerging digital marketing technologies is inspiring.

Ashwin concluded saying:

Digital is disruptive, but it also creates tremendous new opportunities for businesses that are adapting, experimenting and evolving. This is a great time to be in the Indian market and the next decade is going to be phenomenal for digital business as new models emerge and many traditional ones that fail to adapt, perish. Together, we’re excited to be here.

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